October is in our rearview mirror so that means we have the top news bloopers of the month! I’ve included my own comments in kind of a companion guide for you. It’s just one of the many services I offer in my role of “media gatekeeper”. You’re welcome.

  • :00 When I heard that scream I briefly thought, “I guess Fernando Cuevas realized his lifelong dream of being a local news reporter”.
  • :07 A low budget news graphic’s worst enemy: a mild breeze.
  • :16 “Right here at…back here…at…all the time. Here.”
  • 1:42 I don’t know which is sexier: her face, her accent or the way she makes fart noises with her mouth.
  • 3:03 You can tell this guy is just listing all the diseases he WISHES Trump had tested positive for!
  • 3:16 This blooper reminded me of fark.com. Gee, I wonder if fark is still around…searching Google….Fark…well, how about that! They’re still around and still aggregating the hell out of the news. Nice! www.fark.com
  • 6:09 I’m not making any lewd assumptions but I really DO want to know what he was doing down there.
  • 7:06 I think you mean, “Thank you for your OUTPUT”, dad.
  • 8:36 Was…that a magic trick? If so, BRAVO!
  • 23:55 I can’t tell is this Houston CW anchor is a.) the intentionally funniest person on television, b.) the Unintentionally funniest person on T.V., c.) neither or d.) all of the above. It’s almost like one of those Saturday Night Live skits that they only put on if they’ve got 2 more minutes to fill. It’s like, Chloe Fineman as “The News Anchor Who May be Either Intoxicated or a Comedic Genius, We’re Just Not Sure”.
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