Wow! November is really flying by fast! So fast, in fact, it’s almost half way through the month and I just realized I haven’t posted News Bloopers from October yet.

Being October there are many Halloween-themed bloopers. Here are what I consider the highlights:

  • :00---Right out of the gate! It’s a good thing the word he was saying wasn’t “dekcuf”!
  • :43---Hot news reader alert! Seriously. Gorgeous. (eh…she’s not so bad, either).
  • 1:27—I wasn’t watching the monitor at this point; I could have SWORN it was Fernie Cuevas
  • 2:18—Once again, the state of Washington blazing the trail in legalizing weed.
  • 4:33---ANOTHER Fernie flashback!
  • 10:47----O.M.G.! I think Storm Team 5 just found the official “OK, Boomer” default meme image.

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