Welcome back to another episode of "What the Buzz' with Emily & Joanna! This new episode- titled "Haunted Strip Clubs"- is available wherever you get your podcasts and also it's easily accessible through through KLAQ.com on the Listen Live feature.

In this new episode, we discuss everything you don't hear on air and more. I, myself have gone down a rabbit hole of TikTok videos. I had some great ideas for everyone on the show to do some TikTok videos- unfortunately for me, my plans fell through. However, Emily and I are not giving up, we are determined to create some great content, not only for TikTok but for our faithful followers on social media.

Emily reveals how much of a football fan she is. With Super Bowl 55 coming up, Emily is preparing herself to watch the big game- as well as the reports on all the players and most especially- the Super Bowl Halftime Show. This year's performer is The Weeknd, which both of us are total fans of.

Emily does note if you listen to some of The Weeknd's older music- doesn't it sound like music played in a haunted strip club? This gives us the idea that Emily should totally open up a strip club where it can be Halloween every day. It also prompted us with the question: what is your strip club song?

"Haunted Strip Clubs" is available wherever you get your podcasts and easily accessible through KLAQ.com on the Listen Live feature. We'll be back in two weeks with a new episode!

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