I love podcasts. They're great to put on while working out, driving around town, or when you're writing articles for work (like me). There's no shortage of El Paso podcasts either (including our own Buzz Adams Morning Show podcast) & that includes podcasts about El Paso music.

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As a musician (and someone who loves learning about history) there are a few El Paso podcasts that are specifically focused and centered ON El Paso music. There was one that's not active anymore (The BWOMS Podcast). But there are still podcasts that are active & posting regularly like:

El Paso Creatives: They talk to a number of different people who give various ways of staying creative; ranging from music, film, literature, art. They're also active with promoting local music on their Instagram.

EP Culture Beat take a look into what's going on in El Paso's art scene, covering art & music (as well as some local restaurants). They have over 100 episodes & they've also posted on their YouTube channel some really obscure El Paso recordings like the 1986 Forces album Talk is Cheap.

And speaking of old El Paso recordings,

Talk & Rock Radio is almost entirely dedicated TO the history of El Paso music: focusing a lot on underrated musicians in rock, who were either born in El Paso (or New Mexico) or had bands formed in El Paso that nevertheless are still a part of music history, like the El Paso group that almost played the original 1969 Woodstock. You can also find the videos on their official YouTube Channel & Rick Kern's personal YouTube.

I hope we can see more podcasts dedicated to El Paso music, both present AND historic artists. El Paso's music scene has been active longer than we think & it's important to tell the stories to preserve the history for generations.

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