July 17, 2019 -- BAMS Podcast
Supreme Court, Area 51, Emmys, Jokes, Moon Landing, Racial Profiling Game, Chernobyl, Disaster Shows, After Buzz, Disneyland, Hot Dogs, Census, Bachelorette, Emmys, Juarez Chernobyl, Would You Rather, Prime Day, Rock News, Celebrity Buzz, Cocaine Toupee, FB Chat, GoT Noms
July 16, 2019 -- BAMS Podcast
Amazon Prime, Pernell Whitaker, Heat Laws, Alt Fact (Celeb Barbies), Amazon Prime Day, Supper, Whataburger Song, Chernobyl, Heat, Florida Man (Amateur Stripper), Emmys, Elvis, Disney, P!nk, Star Wars Toy, Nostradumbass, Metal Straws, Toy Story 4, Little Mermaid
July 15, 2019 -- BAMS Podcast
This is Brandon. I was out on Monday, July 15th, and no one sent me a list of what the Hell was talked about while I was gone. So enjoy this episode. I have no clue what's in it.
July 10, 2019 -- BAMS Podcast
Intros, UT, Rip Torn, Alt Fact (Beatles), Would You Rather?, Area 51, Tie Dye Frap, American Airlines Dress Code, Disney Fight, Little Mermaid, YouTube Facts, Andy from the Chihuahuas, Trump, Nico's Hair, UFOs
July 8, 2019 -- BAMS Podcast
Stranger Things, Spider-Man, Movie Poems (Be Nice to Jersey Week), AITA (Reported Alzheimer's Co-Worker), Alt Fact (Video Games), USWNT vs Trump, Prison Death, Abilene Prison, Disney, Little Mermaid, Florida Man (Bob Marley Backpack), 4th Weekend, Proud Americans, IVF Story, Women Buy Mansion, …

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