One of the coolest things to happen in 2019 was the return of a groundbreaking El Paso band.

Local legends Pissing Razors came back strong with the 1-2 punch of "Crushing Grip" followed by "Left For Dead" and its video.

It was also a busy and successful year for Not My Master who managed to beat out Dallas based bands for the coveted Dallas Metal Scene Championship belt.

Speaking of Pissing Razors, drummer/producer Eddy Razor popped up as 1/3 of Little King with the release of their new EP.

Razors frontman Joe Razor was also busy with Texas Voodoo Stomp. They roared back in early 2019 with "Dust To Dust".

Norman Matthew resurfaced as well in video form. The former Murder FM singer, now fronting, As Strange As Angels, released several videos. He also made the November edition of The City Magazine. (Click here, then scroll to pages 94-97.)

One more video, by Sleepspent, was released in February.

Back to Pissing Razors: Their bassist, Geo, gave us new ear candy via Jo-Hobo Witness while Razors guitarist Matt Lynch and Cesar Soto reconnected as Tides of Titan. (Here's a sample.)  The guys in Dicodec released a lyric video and the list goes on and on and on...

A few highlights from a great year, along with a new year's resolution for all ...  SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!

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