"Miracle" is the third single from As Strange As Angels and features a couple of very special guests!

Norman Matthew, of Murder FM fame, has a new project going called As Strange As Angels. He's released a couple of other videos too that I featured at KLAQ.com ... Mirror, Mirror and Waves.  Now comes his third effort, "Miracle" and he's got some help on it.

CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool lends a hand on the song and also teaches at Normans' music school in Dallas, The Sound Foundation. The video also features an appearance by Madi Ferguson of Cherry Bomb.  Of the song itself, Norman told New Noise Magazine that:

“I still believe in magic to get me through the day, and I believe in miracles. I wake up every day hoping for one so I can have proof of miracles. I hope “Miracle” touches your soul, helps you find your miracle and brings it all to life for you.”

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