Having been amazing enough to actually create another life doesn't mean you have to hang up your leather and lace. How long ago it happened doesn't matter either.

Ok, the fashions may ... for whatever reason ... have a set shelf life. The attitude knows no boundaries though and I've been fortunate enough to meet some very cool metal matriarchs over the years.

On the local and national level, I know plenty of Moms who rock and some of them have seen their offspring destroy stages all over the world.

Lizzy and RJ Hale have a rocker for a Mom too. She not only toured with her kids in the early days of Halestorm, she did double duty as, pretty much, their tour manager.

5th Annual Revolver Golden Gods Award Show - Inside
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I have met several as they toured with the young 'uns across the country.

Doll Skin and a couple of their Moms stayed at my house for a while as they made their way across the country.

On both the local and national level, John Moyer, bassist for Disturbed and proud El Pasoan, has one of the most rockin' Moms of them all and still lives in the 915.

Pissing Razors have wandered the world as well and, when possible, their Moms represent too. I've only really hung out with Joe and Eddy's Moms but they are all definitely rockers and they also still call EP home.

My own Mom is a total rocker.

Known to bands ... local, national and worldwide ... as "Blackbelt Granny", she has seen more shows than many diehard rock fans and hung out with some pretty big names like TSO, Aranda, Fozzy, Drowning Pool and more. They have all helped spread the legend of her banana bread across the globe.

Gotta love that salute from Mama Geo ...

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