Texas Voodoo Stomp is sort of a "Local Loco Supergroup", featuring members of several El Chuco bands.

Vocalist/bassist Joe Razor, (Pissing Razors and Hobos ... short for Jo-Hobo Witness), drummer Sal Kennedy, (Crash Kennedy), guitarist Rick Brooks, (Hobos and Soren) and guitarist Chris Bohn. (Koma and  owner/operator of Disintegrator Films.)

Here's the Texas Voodoo Stomp story in their own words:

Texas Voodoo Stomp is a 4 piece metal band from El Paso Texas. Inspired by a west Texas, border-town and black magic mix of metal, these veterans of the El Paso music scene have hit the scene hard and are looking forward to shows in San Antonio and Odessa and an EP release in the near future

Check out the lyric video for 'Stomps new song, "The Walking Dead" and watch for their full CD release soon!