The song is titled California but the video was shot right here in the 915.

El Paso's very own Sleepspent formed in 2017 and feature Austin North on vocals and guitar, bassist Grant Gonzales and drummer Josh Mendoza.  Austin explained the meaning behind "California" to Rebel Noise saying that it addressed "mental health struggles, specifically “feelings of isolation and loneliness."  He added that:

the song ““California” came from a place of desperation, from an overwhelming feeling of being trapped, and from a desire for a cathartic release in the form of vulnerability and openness.” - RN

Regarding the video, Austin said:

“The video really captures and mirrors the experiences that I’ve had that led to the creation of the song - I think it’s integral in understanding and connecting with the music itself.” - RN

Watch the video for quick glimpses of many familiar sites including St. Pats, Cincy Street, the Rib Hut, a beautiful El Paso sunrise and more.

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