Local Locos Dicodec have just released a lyric video for their latest song. Check it out here!

Dicodec are definitely carving out a space of their own on Youtube. They've released several videos, most recently "La Casa Negra".  Next comes a lyric video for "The Reasoning".  Here's how guitarist Alan Hering summed it up for me:

The song is on the dark side for sure, about a place in New York. Where they had registered sex offenders near a school that the guitarist daughter went to. We were what like what was “the reasoning” they used to justify putting that there. So it from the offenders perspective.

The Dicodec boys are keeping busy at the moment getting another single ready to release in November and preparing for future concerts. You can catch them live here in El Paso September 29th at The Rockhouse with Hallow Point, Not My Master, and The Grave Aesthetic.