Local Locos Not My Master won the Dallas Metal Scene Championship Belt!
Not My Master have been playing a lot in the Dallas area, especially in Deep Ellum, which was always my favorite place when I lived there. It's always been ground zero for musicians and has welcomed these Local Locos with open arms and, now, a pretty sweet award. Frontman Chris Kidwell said:
It’s an honor for us wining this Dallas Metal Scene Championship Belt especially being based out of here. It’s crazy, it’s such an honor. We will represent it proudly and respectfully all over the US where we play. Dallas Texas has the best music scene we have played in and seen. Joesph Cabrera, Who runs DMS (Dallas Metal Scene) has done such an amazing job there. I’ve never seen unity like that in a scene to date. Now don’t get me wrong El Paso has so much talent here and the scene is growing more and more. It’s really cool to watch that.
Looking ahead to 2020, Not My Master will be returning to the studio and getting back on the road. Congrats Brothers and, as always peeps, support local music!

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