A well known name in rock has decided to re-record an album he once hated and may be about to call it quits with his band.

Al Jourgensen formed Ministry over 40 years ago and he wasn't too impressed with the way things started.

The first Ministry record didn't sound at all like Ministry which left Al Jourgensen with a really bad taste in his mouth which sparked the craziest career makeover ever.

A lot of musicians make albums they feel they could have done a better job on but Al took his feelings about the very first Ministry album, "With Sympathy",  to an extreme.

My hatred for this record was so deep,” says Jourgensen. “As a matter of fact, the two-inch [master] tapes of it, the actual two-inch tapes, I had a barbecue party and I burned them on a barbecue. So, there's no existing original With Sympathy’s. I just burned them.”  - Yahoo

And that was that. Now he's decided he wants to go back and redo the "With Sympathy" songs that he himself wrote; "Revenge", “Effigy,” “Work for Love,” and “Here We Go

Slayer In Concert With Primus, Ministry And Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals - Las Vegas, NV
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That's the good news, the bad news is that he may soon shut Ministry down for good.

As far as he's concerned, the band has one, mayyyyybe two albums left and then, es todo. He feels Ministry has done just about all they can and doesn't want to do "greatest hits" tours.

Basically, Al says he has other things to do including film scores. As far as when we can expect the reworked "With Sympathy" songs, it doesn't seem like we'll be waiting very long.

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