Since I became active in playing shows back in 2012, the music scene in El Paso has been growing steadily ever since. I see tons & tons of artists post online about upcoming shows, music releases & sometimes music videos. Mainly of these artists upload their songs to Spotify & one playlist in particular has been getting quite large with nothing but El Paso artists.

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A user by the name of "Fizgit Fairwicket" created a playlist this past week all dedicated to the hard working bands & artists from & around El Paso fittingly called "El Paso Loco Local Music" which you can find right HERE. The playlist was a joint effort from the members of the local progressive rock band The Anhedonians as well as many others in the local scene suggesting to the band on artists to add into the playlist. At the time of writing this article, the El Paso Loco Local Music playlist contains over 50 hours of music with over 700 songs & the list continues to grow.

Being in the scene since 2018, the band knows exactly how tough & how important it is to stick together: "I think it's important that we support our local scene & each other. We all work hard by practicing, writing, collaborating with other band members, recording, loading/unloading gears & playing shows... it's a labor of love...This is a way where we can all support each other."

If you're a local artist, you can always submit your music to be played on 95.5 KLAQ for Q Connected, Sunday Nights at 10pm right here.

I hope that not only will the El Paso artists get shown much more love for their work, but hopefully other people will create their OWN local music playlists to further show the love & appreciation for El Paso artists.

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