It's neat discovering a hidden gem like this in El Paso instead of having to drive out to the Butte. This guy gives you actual proof of catching fish at this small little lake on the West Side of town.

Fishing with Adrian filmed his quick fishing journey and shows you an eyeful of the small lake. If you're still having a hard time wondering where this is located exactly, it's on the West Side of town. When I asked my family and friends about this lake, none had a clue about it. After being 2 minutes in the video, you will see that Adrian actually caught something with his fishing rod. It seems like El Paso has quite a few hidden treasures that some will either learn about or have known about. Even though he only caught one little fish, it's still pretty awesome that he caught something than nothing at all.

The background will give you a better view as to tell where this hidden lake is in El Paso!

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