A piece of history from 1953 lays on our West slopes of the Franklin Mountains from a crash that occurred during a snow storm in December. The date is December 11, 1953 the B-36D 44-92071A crashed while it was on it's way to Biggs Air Force Base.

David Etzgold felt it was his duty to make sure this story was told with the help of his crew to make this video possible. The story is there were 9 men all aboard the B-36D when they approached a storm it became fatal and pilot error was blamed. If you watch the video all the way until the end it shows exactly who was boarded and their rank. David felt it was appropriate to dedicate this short drone film to the men that took this mission. They even have a plaque in honor of those who lost their lives that night of the storm placed near the left over debris.

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