It seems like the West side is becoming popular with sink holes here in El Paso! Do you remember the last time El Paso had a sink hole was a couple years ago in 2015.

Far West Texas got some footage of the sink hole that was also on the West part of town 2 years ago. Just this Saturday (7/22) the West side yet again experienced another sink hole at the intersection of La Placita Avenue and Villa Hermosa Drive. KFox news was there on site to report the damage that took place on the West side. The sink hole managed to consume a SUV along with the passenger but the passenger was lucky enough to escape out of the car and hole. It was in the afternoon when the sink hole occurred and by 9:30 p.m. they finally managed to pull out the vehicle. According to the El Paso Water they stated the sink hole was caused by a collapsed storm drain. The road crew plan on blocking off that area until they repair that hole in the road.

Hopefully El Paso doesn't experience any other sink holes that are further down under ground!

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