There was apparently a gigantic fight that involved about 50 people on the west side of El Paso near the Mesa and Mesa Hills area last night around 10pm. There was one arrest made.

There aren't a ton of other details known at this point, but that's about what we know. Big ass fight, involving lots of people, some of them had weapons, including one person with a gun who was arrested. There were reports of shots being fired, but authorities have said there was no immediate reports of any shooting victims.

Thankfully, with no one getting hurt, I can tell this story. I saw the headline for this when I got up this morning and immediately thought of the time someone called the cops on my friends and I because they thought a fight was going down in the streets. We were actually playing wiffle ball.

We stopped at the store on our way to my friend's house to get some beer and ended up buying a wiffle ball set as well. There was probably 8 of us or so and we ended up playing wiffle ball in the street. When the sun went down we went inside. As we're inside we noticed an abnormal amount of cop cars driving up and down the street.

Fast forward to the next week when the paper with the police blotter was released. We made the paper. The call came in to the police department that there was a group of 20 to 30 men in the street, some with baseball bats, getting ready to fight. In fact there was 8 of us with one wiffle ball bat... and one wiffle ball.

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