Looking for the long lost places in El Paso? Just check out American Decay's YouTube channel. The latest episode has them checking out the Portland Cement Reservoir. I drive by this area almost every day and have noticed that there is a lake tucked in the hills between I-10 and Paisano, on the west side of El Paso.

Not many people know it's there though, because I've commented about it to multiple people and they don't know what I'm talking about or they think I'm full of crap. But yes, there is a lake on the west side of El Paso. You really have to be looking for it though as you drive by on I-10 in order to see it.

It's also not easy to get their either. A quick Google search found THIS WEBSITE with directions to get to the Portland Cement Reservoir.

To get to it you need to exit from Paisano onto Race Track Drive and head towards the Buena Vista Grocery.  You then turn right on Torres Street and drive past a red, 3 story brick building. The road is dirt from there and you are looking for a turn that will take you up hill next to a mobile home that sits on the top.  If you pass a cement plant you have gone to far:

If it going to be worth getting to and going for a swim? Probably not. Knowing how toxic things in the past have been in El Paso, who knows how toxic the water in this lake is. If you'd like to also check out a series of photos of the Portland Cement Reservoir by CLICKING HERE.

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