Bare with me as I'm trying to get this article up nice and quickly this morning to give you a heads up. You're going to want to avoid I-10 at Sunland Park in either direction this morning as there was a nasty accident involving some 18-wheelers early Tuesday morning.

As I was heading into work at 3:30am I started to notice the signs that the freeway was closed at Sunland Park due to an accident. It wasn't difficult to get around, but I'm on the road when there's almost no one else on the road. If you're heading East on I-10, the accident was right after the Sunland Park overpass as the freeway turns to the left.

Police reported the collision at about 12:30am this morning, and at 3:03am when I drove by, they still had a ton of work to do. I saw at least one 18-wheeler completely on it's side and it didn't look like they had any equipment on-site yet to turn it back over. The driver of the truck that was overturned ended up getting trapped inside and had to be rescued by emergency responders.

Police have said that clean up will take at least several hours, so it's most likely going to affect the morning drive for anyone over on the West Side of El Paso. And this isn't just for people who use I-10 because major roadways through the West Side are limited. Other than I-10, you basically have Mesa and the new toll road. But, FYI, that toll road is still free and you can use it this morning as a way around this accident.

You can keep up to date on the latest traffic in El Paso courtesy of KVIA by CLICKING HERE.

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