If you grew up on the Westside of town then you know the struggle of wanting Chico's Tacos for lunch or dinner! It especially sucks when you're on a timed lunch in high school or for work. In high school, my friends and I would have to ditch either the class before or after our lunch break. Now coming from the Westside heading to Central with a45-minute lunch isn't enough time. In order to enjoy your lunch at Chico's Tacos, you need more time if you're coming from the West part of town. This has always been a serious issue with a lot of Chico's Tacos fans. Chico's Tacos would definitely make more money if they opened up another location. If they ever did consider this, they should consider the Westside of town! The other side of the Franklin Mountains has a variety of locations to get food from. The Westside would greatly appreciate a Chico's Tacos since they only drive so many miles to eat their food.

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