If you know the band Ministry, then you know that some of the members have been & are still VERY MUCH active. Sin Quirin & Johnny Ray formed 3 Headed Snake, released their 3 song EP called "Wisdom Screams" back in 2018 as well as performed at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2019. Now, they're back this year with a new single & new video to boot.

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Sin Quirin has lived in El Paso on & off since 2006 when he was recording albums with Ministry. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California where his main focus is 3 Headed Snake & the current lineup  includes:

3 Headed Snake
3 Headed Snake
  • Sin Quirin (Ministry) - Guitar
  • Johnny Ray - Vocals
  • DV Karloff - Bass
  • Derek S. Abrams (Ministry) - Drums
  • & Diego "Ashes" Ibarra" (DevilDriver)- Guitar

Last year 3 Headed Snake announced they signed with Cleopatra Records & did announced new music for 2021... & we finally got the first dose. Their new single "Tyrants" was released April 15th & speaking to Sin, he told me that "'Tyrants' is about people that try to control others & their lives. Specifically in this song, it's about utilizing a crisis to take control of a situation. We shot this in the desert in a desolate location to try to capture the feel & nature of this song".

The song was recorded by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound & video was directed by Hunter Chapman, written,& produced by Mary Dixon & is a Veterans Coastal Media Production.

You can get "Tyrants" anywhere you get you get your music & you can hear 3 Headed Snake on Q Connected, Sunday nights 10 to Midnight MST. If you're a local artist (& perform within 200 miles of El Paso), you can submit your music here or send me an email at daniel.paulus@townsquaremedia.com

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