There's nothing like watching bands perform live in concert; & the same goes for watching live videos. But one thing you don't see a lot of are live concert FILMS like Led Zeppelin's The Song That Remains The Same; films that combine both live performances AND the bands OFF the stage. Well there's a local band doing EXACTLY that.

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Dizz Brew is a band from Cuidad Juarez, Mexico consisting of

  • Nitram Torices - bass
  • Juan Miguel Munoz Barsse - guitar
  • Gabriel Cardoso - keyboards, synths, flute, trumpet, voices
  • & Omar Sosa - drums.

Dizz Brew is certainly not a new band; they've been around the block since I've been in the scene. I've seen them perform live at The Lowbrow Palace many times, they've performed all over the Southwest in California, New Mexico, Colorado & they certainly capture not only the LOOK but sound of rock. Earlier this month they released a teaser, not for a new album, but a new LIVE concert film.

That is their song "From Hell" & an excerpt from their upcoming concert film "Papi, Donde Esta El Fuzz?". One look at the video & it reminds me of The Song Remains The Same, more specifically scenes like where it would cut to Robert Plant fighting in medieval times and then cut back to them performing on stage.

In addition to the film coming out, Dizz Brew will also release the soundtrack album "Dizz Brew: Live At Pandemic" containing 7 songs, 4 of which will be featured in the film, all recorded at the Víctor Hugo Rascón Theater In Juarez, Mexico. The release date for the film is expected to be later on this year around October.

You can hear Dizz Brew on Q Connected, Sunday nights at 10pm. If you want to submit your music for the show, you can send your music HERE or email me at

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