I am pretty stoked to see Dead Girls Academy at the El Paso Downtown Street Festival! These Las Vegas rockers played the final run of Warped Tour and will soon be performing for us.

These studs sure as hell found a way into our hearts with their music and skyrocketed into fame at full speed. You may remember frontman Michael Orlando from Vampires Everywhere his former band but have transformed into Dead Girls Academy. This band wanted to push boundaries and lyrics that would hit home that could relate to us.

Seeing and hearing a band live that you can relate to their lyrics makes the experience THAT much better. All I can say is I really hope to meet these rockers in October but most of all hear them live! One particular song I will sing my heart out to is "I Can't Feel A Thing" which I have related to. Dead Girls Academy music sure can bring life to your soul and tells a story about battling your inner demons. This band is all about their fans, especially Michael Orlando who lives by a quote which is ''talk to your fans online.''

Almost every interview Michael always brings up his fans and thanks us for our continuing support. It's always a pleasure to have a humble band perform at our event that loves interacting with fans. Victory Records made a damn good decision signing Dead Girls Academy on with them and look forward to hearing them in October! I hope I will be the chosen one to interview DGA before our Downtown Street Festival. *Hint, Hint*

You will be able to enjoy the show these guys put on Saturday, October 6, 2018 in the streets of Downtown!

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