Grateful Dead's iconic 1977 concert is no longer the record holder for the highest attendance at a concert in the United States, Texas is now the proud holder for this record that has been around over 50 years. Not only was done BY a Texas artist but it was set IN the state of Texas over this past weekend at Texas A&M by none other than a Texas superstar: George Strait.

How big was George Strait's Texas A&M concert on June 15, 2024

A whopping 110,905 fans all gathered at the home of Aggies at Kyle Field at Texas A&M to watch The King of Country perform in his home state. As stated before, this beat the previous record of 107,019 fans who watched the Grateful Dead perform at New Jersey's Raceway Park on September 3.

After nearly 47 years of staying strong, at 72 years old, George managed to break that record in one night (which is NOT an easy feat to pull off).

This wouldn't be the first George played for (LITERALLY) thousands of fans; he nearly beat the record a decade ago when he played for a crowd of 104,793 inside AT&T Stadium on June 7, 2014. At the time it was his biggest show to date, obviously that has since changed!

It'll be interesting to see if  anyone will beat this record, or if George will be able to beat his own record in the future. But one thing is for certain...Texas is full of music fans who are ready to break records & make history.

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