Music can be an amazing thing & have different meanings for everyone. It can be the sounds in the background to help you with your daily tasks, or the driving force behind your creativity. The latter is DEFINITELY true with Johnny Lopez, aka Blessed Be Man.

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Johnny Lopez is a self-taught music educator of over 11 years & been making music since 1999 by forming the death metal/grindcore band Corpse Harvest. Lately his sound has gotten a LOT lighter, his solo project "Blessed Be Man". You may have seen him recently on an episode of Sound on Tap on El Paso's PBS station. He's also put out a new music video directed by Papa Joe Nunez (the first he's ever directed), Mama Judy, & Joe’s cousin, Julian Nunez through their new video production company Nu-Jay Media.

This was not the first video by Blessed Be Man but this is the one Johnny is the most proud of: "I really want the listener to...write their own story to the songs. So when it came to the music video, I let Papa Joe & Mama Judy do that. They heard the song & came up with the idea for the video: a soul in purgatory that is brought back to Earth by his guardian angel. I loved the concept behind it & my music has always had a religion aspect in it one way or another.. it was perfect!"

You can hear Blessed Be Man on Q Connected, Sunday nights at 10pm. If you want to submit your music for the show, send your music HERE or send me an email at

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