In Texas, Whataburger is like a religion.

Aaron Ritchie via Whataburger Fanatics on Facebook
Aaron Ritchie via Whataburger Fanatics on Facebook

Well, almost. It's a pretty big deal. With 716 locations all across the Lone Star state you would figure that it would be considered the most dominant fast food chain in Texas. Well, you would be wrong!

Which is shocking, right? Over at Stacker, they compiled a list of the most common fast food chains in Texas using data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech. In their list of 20 "dominant fast food chains" in Texas, Whataburger ranked at number five! 5!

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The top five were:

5. Whataburger
4. Pizza Hut
3. Sonic Drive-in
2. McDonald's
1. Subway

I know what you're thinking, how can the Golden Arches and that sandwich place be more dominant than WHATABURGER?!

Here's how it went down. According to Stacker:

Note that chains are ranked by the number of locations in Texas in 2021. Since many restaurants have shuttered during the pandemic, these figures are expected to differ from the current actual count. Fast food, fast casual, and coffee chains were considered for the list. Data was available for 57,610 restaurants in Texas, of which 28,367 are chain restaurants.

So, that would actually explain all of it. The fast food chains were ranked by the number of locations across the Lone Star state. It might seem insane to think that Texas has 2,108 Subway's and only 716 Whataburger locations, because it seems like there's almost a Whataburger on every corner here! But the number don't like.

Despite not coming out at number one on this list, I know for many of us, Whataburger is number one in our hearts!

You can see the whole list here.

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