Texas loves Whataburger. Everybody knows this. And Texas isn't the only one; we've seen a Whataburger look alike happen in Juarez & we're even seeing a digital Whataburger in Austin. These aren't the only Whataburger-esque spots either. Especially if you travel to Baytown, Texas: you'll find what is called a Whatapollo. And yes this is a Whataburger spot that specializes in serving chicken.

BBQ chicken wings on baking sheet

Where is this Whatapollo in Texas?

Located at 500 N Main St in Baytown, Texas, this place is obviously smaller than a regular Whataburger spot. But by looking at the sign on the side of the building, you can tell they took inspiration from the Texas favorite for this spot. You can still find Whatapollo if you search on Google Maps. They even painted it orange very similar TO Whataburger.

attachment-Whatapollo Google Maps

If you look them up on social media, however, they last stuff they posted have dated back to around August 2021. There are also mentions that the place is under a new name: GuaraPollo, which is confirmed by their Instagram page & their official website (probably due to legal reasons).

Of course people online still call this place by Whatapollo

The place resurfaced & became a talking point on the Texas Reddit page, where people actually praised the place for having quite good chicken dishes. One user even called it "Baytown's finest". So the place definitely has a place in the hearts of the locals (and Redditors).

This certainly wasn't the first place to base its design after Whataburger, and judging by how popular it is, it most likely won't be the last. We'll have to see where the next one will pop up.

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