Whataburger... it's practically THE place when you think of Texas chains. Obviously there's plenty from the state of Texas like Cici's, Rudy's, Dave & Busters, etc. But Whataburger is by far the most recognizable from the Lone Star State. The question is... what's everyone's take on it? Well there are a couple of famous YouTube channels that have posted their opinions on the Texas chain. Some positive, some negative & some in the middle.

Here are some YouTube celebrities that love Whataburger

Heallthy Junk Food, a channel who have never been to a Whataburger, gave them a chance. Judging by their reactions, the results were positive.

It's A Southern Thing ranked not only the burgers, but the biscuit sandwiches from various chains.

The channel Yucking put Whataburger in their top 5 burgers of all time.

Mashed did a ranking of worst to best chain burgers. While it wasn't the best, it was near the top.

Huggbees did a roasting video of various food chains where he included Whataburger. While he did point out some gripes & flaws with the restaurant, overall he gave them high praise calling them "the best B student I've ever seen". He even made a tier list with Whataburger in his "High Tier".

[he talks about Whataburger at the 14:20 minute mark].

Asmongold TV did a ranking on HIS favorite burger places. While he did favor a couple places like Five Guys, Burger King & In & Out Burger over Whataburger, he did place them fairly high up in his ranking list.

Here are some celebrities that...don't like Whataburger

However, as we know, not everyone has the same opinion. For example, Good Mythical Morning (Rhett & Link) tried their burgers before in Texas. Their reactions? Well...

However they HAVE given praise to their burger sauce; as stated in a later video.

The Game Grumps have also done their own Fast Food Tier List video. It was so long it had to be split into 2 parts.

Part 2 is where they talk about Whataburger. While Arin had strong opinions, Dan gave praise to their ketchup (I wonder if he had the spicy ketchup?).

More CouRage placed Whataburger...quite low on his list. So low in fact, he made his own tier called the "Texans are delusional" tier...

Even Logan Paul has tried Whataburger. Although, I think he might tried it in the wrong state. He didn't have Whataburger in Texas...

El Paso however loves Whataburger; especially one man in particular

Me? I definitely enjoy Whataburger; especially after a concert or if I'm with friends & we're out late and need a food. One of my friends was nicknamed "Whatajesus" because he consumed a 10 patty burger. He quickly went viral shortly afterwards...

Of course we all know there are plenty more videos showing off the good & bad of Whataburger. And we know that taste is subjective; not everyone is going to favor everything, I still find it interesting to see what everyone's opinions are. Some are going to like Whataburger, some aren't. And that's ok. Keep enjoying the foods that you love.

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