If you travel to El Paso, Texas & you head just 40 minutes east to a town called Tornillo, Texas, you will find one Sonic Ranch. To many artists, this has a very popular choice for recording because it's away from the city, so people can be crazy or creative in the studios as they want.

One group that has been to Sonic Ranch many times before is Ninja Sex Party, the band formed by "Ninja" Brain Wecht & Danny "Sexbang" Avidan from the YouTube channel, Game Grumps. Turns out their new album, These Nuts, was actually recorded at Sonic Ranch.

When did Ninja Sex Party record at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas?

The band posted a few updates back in 2023 on Instagram that they were done recording all the tracks. On a post made on March 7, you can definitely tell the colorful walls of the studio were from Sonic Ranch.

That next day Danny even posted on his personal page about one of his favorite things he loved seeing at Sonic Ranch; it was Jovi the cat (R.I.P. Jovi...)




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And if we look at the official Bandcamp link of the album, they even listed Sonic Ranch (El Paso, Texas) in the credits. Which confirms that yes, the band did record near El Paso.

This wasn't the first time Ninja Sex Party recorded near El Paso either; the band recorded at least 4 prior albums (Cool Patrol & all 3 volumes of Under the Covers). Danny even did some recordings with his other project, Shadow Academy, at Sonic Ranch.

I know the NSP guys love recording at Sonic Ranch & they've continued to show the support for about a decade now. We certainly appreciate you recording near El Paso & here's to hoping they will perform some of these songs near us too.

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