Emily and I are back for one more time in 2021! Everyone is out for a holiday vacation, but Emily and I are still here- wandering the empty halls and bringing you a new episode of "What the Buzz".

Our new episode of "What the Buzz" is titled "The Yule Cat is Coming to Get You" and is now available on KLAQ.com on the "Listen Now" player and on the free KLAQ mobile app.

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In this episode Emily and I reminisce about our favorite toys growing up. I was a Barbie girl- living in a Barbie world. Also, if anyone knows where I could find the Spice Girls Barbie's that would help me out very much. Emily shares the one toy she regrets not getting.

We also discuss the evil Christmas monsters that would give Krampus a run for his money. If you missed it, I judged a Krampus contest (for the third year in a row) and from that, Emily and I came to find out, there are scarier monsters out there than Krampus on Christmas.

Perhaps our favorite, had to be the Icelandic Yule Cat! The Yule Cat is basically the fashion police in Iceland and takes all the naughty boys and girls who DID NOT receive new clothes for Christmas.

Then, there's Gryla- a giantess who has a taste for the flesh of children, also, Gryla is kind of the owner of the Yule Cat, so I guess if Emily and I were Christmas monsters, we'd be Gryla- because we have cats.

You can hear about the other scary Christmas monsters on our new episode "The Yule Cat is Coming to Get You". We'll be off for awhile, while I take some days off and Emily prepares to have her baby! Have a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year's all you boos and ghouls!

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