There is something some of us remember from our youth many years ago. There are some painful memories attached with it but all in the fun of course. As a child, we all had those iconic toys some may know and not know about.

As a child, I had the "My Buddy" doll that would later remind me of Chucky. Sadly it got to the point I had to let him sleep in the toy chest instead of beside me in bed. But one toy I fondly remember that you may too was and a hell of a lot of fun to ride.

The Turtle was sort of like a bike except with a different way of working. The Turtle was quite a workout without you even realizing it. Which you didn't realize it was a workout because of how much fun it was to ride it.

The turtle was the best kind of workout that could tire a kid out. After riding the turtle in the summer it would put kids to bed early. Recently came across some throwback photos when I would ride the turtle 31 years ago. You would have to use your whole body including your arms to get that thing going.

The Original Roller Racer Flying Turtle is costly now, which you can see for how much on Amazon. I wanted to share some personal photos with you because I am sure I wasn't the only one who once owned the turtle ride. Feel free to scroll below to see me as happy as can be on the turtle below.

Turbo Turtle

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