There is nothing greater than Facebook memories reminding you of some good old times.

One of the past memories that I could thankfully remember was from a crazy night out.

There are some El Pasoans that fondly remember Tork Bar and Grill that was off Lee Trevino years ago.

Sadly,Tork Bar and Grill has been permanently closed for quite some time now. Usually, Thursday nights were the best times to go because there was no cover. Plus, it was also ladies night; as well with $3 you call it.

I am glad I got to enjoy a few Thursdays with some friends there before it closed permanently. Something they were known and popular for was for giving free shots to guests.

Now they wouldn't exactly hand you a shot, instead, they handled it in a unique manner.

Basically, the bartender would hop up on the counter and walk around pouring shots into guests' mouths. Yeah, now that probably wouldn't be a good thing due to the pandemic now, but then it was totally in.

I remember my very first time taking a shot straight from the bottle poured into my mouth.

Jennifer Hitchcock
Jennifer Hitchcock

Clearly one of my friends didn't let this big moment go unnoticed. They captured me in all my glory by snapping a picture of me swallowing a shot that was poured into my mouth.

Although those party days are way behind me now, it still is nice to reminisce about them. If you remember partying at Tork Bar and Grill with friends and chugging a shot, place your two cents in the poll below.

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