KLAQ Bumper Stickers Then and Now

KLAQ has gone through quite a few styles of bumper stickers throughout the years. Kind of like the way we change something about ourselves over time. You got to admit it is nice making some changes from time to time. I was an intern for KLAQ in 2004 and remember everyone ALWAYS wanted a bumper sticker. Hell, even now to this day they always ask for a couple of bumper stickers.

I have been taking advantage of quarantine by spring cleaning when I get the chance. The last time I did I came across an old favorite gem that took me back to my intern days. I found a KLAQ bumper sticker that is 16 years old from 2004. In case you don't know which bumper sticker is the oldest, it is the black one. I thought this was a pretty cool thing to share on Throwback Thursday with you. Place your opinion about which bumper sticker you like the most below.

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