So many great memories come to mind when you hear anything about KLAQ's Balloonfest. Everything was great about KLAQ's Balloonfest from the company, to the food, drinks, music, and water activities. Unfortunately, my first time experiencing KLAQ Balloonfest was the summer of 1997 at Wet N' Wild Waterworld.

I only say unfortunately because I would have loved to test the waters at a KLAQ Balloonfest at Mountain Shadow Lake. Checking out the personal footage Arturo Dorado captured at KLAQ's Balloonfest in 1990 at Mountain Shadow Lake was phenomenal. For those of you who were lucky to experience Mountain Shadow Lake before KLAQ switched locations, have quite the stories.

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Mountain Shadow Lake was the place locals would love to cool down and have some fun at. Now people who had those huge water rides, jetski, or a canoe loved using them at Mountain Shadow Lake. Now if you didn't have any of those you had to be okay with just you, your company, and the water.

KLAQ Balloonfest originated out of Mountain Shadow Lake for more than a few years and moved to Wet N' Wild Waterworld. KLAQ Balloonfest switched from their Mountain Shadow Lake location to Wet N' Wild in 1991. You can even see the change after reading 30 Years of Balloonfest by Alex Duran from Fusion Magazine. We all know change is a part of everyday life and sometimes even takes some time to get used to.

If you have attended KLAQ Balloonfest at Mountain Shadow Lake and Wet N' Wild Waterworld, which was your ultimate favorite spot? This throwback Thursday memory is worth battling to determine the best spot for KLAQ Balloonfest. Feel free to share your opinion below by placing your vote on which spot was the best for KLAQ Balloonfest.

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