Five Finger Death Punch never lets us down when we see them live in concert. They also know how wild we get when we're rocking out to their music. I am stoked to finally see them return and give us another good time. The last time I had seen Five Finger Death Punch was when they performed at the KLAQ Balloonfest. The different mosh pits that formed in front of the stage was our way of showing love for the band.

The guys enjoyed our company since they did mention we gave them the best show of their previous three in 2014. But that time has finally arrived to see Five Finger Death Punch perform the old and new songs since 2014. I'm looking forward to the song they wrap the show up with that will have moshers mosh their hearts out to. But it would be -pretty amazing if they played "Burn MF Burn" on their setlist tonight.

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