It is unfortunate that we are still having to worry about catching Covid-19 or the Delta variant. During the pandemic, we have had to make some alternative changes to our lifestyle. Those changes involved social distancing from loved ones, wearing masks, and always sanitizing.

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We are still rolling through the punches as we try to stay healthy during these tough times. Since some people started getting vaccinated there have been get-togethers little by little. Some of those get-togethers include celebrating a relative's birthday.

If you're Hispanic then you know about a popular tradition that is NOW frowned upon. The popular tradition we all grew to know and love is mordida. If you don't know what mordida is, it is when friends and family shove your face into the cake.

Unfortunately, the way times are now we have had to put this long-time tradition aside. It is uncertain when things will return back to normal but for now, we have a new cake tradition to try. A New Jersey family's risky cake-flipping tradition is quite the challenge.

Basically, you have to flip the cake in the air without dropping it on the ground. There have been very few people who have accomplished the cake-flipping challenge. An El Paso woman, Kathalina celebrated her birthday and knocked this challenge out of the
park. You can see it for yourself below since Justin Kaufman made sure to catch it all on camera for you to see.

She made the cake-flipping challenge look like a piece of cake. But for now, it's out with the old (mordida) and in with the new (cake-flipping) challenge during the pandemic.

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