Anyone who has ever met me, or has been around me KNOWS that Rush is & always WILL BE my favorite band of all time. After the events that happened this week, I will forever have a new love &appreciation for them.

March 1st was the date of my 28th birthday & to celebrate the occasion, my girlfriend & her aunt made me a homemade Rush cake: A confetti cake with buttercream frosting & it was one of the BEST LOOKING cakes that my eyes have ever set upon.

Daniel Paulus

The custom made blue vinyl record with the Rush & Starman logo on the top of the cake, my name on the side... it was just incredible. So incredible I had to post this cake & share it online.

The cake received a lot of love on Instagram & Twitter but the best was to come....

Daniel Paulus

Yes. You ARE seeing that correctly. That is the OFFICAL Rush Instagram page... SHARING THE CAKE!

If you've been following Rush on social media, then you know they've been extremely active with retweeting & sharing the fan's posts everywhere & showing their appreciation for the fanbase.

To have the cake that my girlfriend & her family made for my birthday be found & shared BY Rush themselves is an incredible feeling. But what's even more incredible is the love that the fans show on a daily basis, & the love Rush gives right back. If Rush can find MY post online, then there's a VERY GOOD chance, that Rush can find YOUR posts, YOUR love for Rush, & give the love right back to YOU.

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