There is a birthday tradition many Hispanic households know about and love doing. The birthday tradition is known as mordida. There are some kids who absolutely love having their faces shoved into their birthday cake.

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It is a lot of fun to do except during a pandemic it is currently frowned upon. Now, people can still do mordida with their friends and family around but will cost more. If you purchase two cakes then the person celebrating a birthday can do mordida on one and leave the others to share with guests.

My son enjoys his birthday simply to have his face shoved into the cake. So this year he will be getting two birthday cakes. But a family from NJ shared their birthday tradition that has become a trend on TikTok and gone viral.

Their family tradition is quite challenging for some while it is a piece of cake for others. An El Paso woman tried the cake-flipping challenge and left people stunned. There haven't been a lot of people acing this cake-flipping challenge.

TikTok Shorts YouTube shows a compilation of videos of people nailing the cake-flip while others failed. But the video below shows a young man being forced to do mordida. A group of guys was trying their hardest to shove the birthday boy's face in the cake which he didn't want.

After seeing about a new birthday tradition I thought it would be fun to play would you rather. What I want to know is which birthday tradition El Pasoans would rather do. In the poll below select which choice you would rather do at birthday celebrations.

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