Remember last month when I said michelada bombs were going to be all the rage this year? Yeah, forget what I said. Apparently anything can be made into a drink "bomb" now, because tea bombs have now entered the chat.

Tea bombs have taken over TikTok and just like that, michelada and hot chocolate bombs are a distant memory. Tea bombs work exactly the same way as hot chocolate bombs, just pour hot water over the bomb and the magic begins. For what it's worth, tea bombs are actually hella pretty!


Aesthetically pleasing, right? It's almost too pretty to drink!

It wasn't long before people came out with their tutorials on how to make them. Some seem super simple.

If this is anything like the hot chocolate bombs I tried to make, I can already tell you- I won't be making them.

Then there are recipes that are a bit more complicated- but what seems like it would be totally worth it.

Obviously, there's a wider range with tea bombs because there's so many different flavors. Your tea bomb can be as unique as you are.

Now, I'll have to admit, I'm not much of a tea drinker; I think the only time I do drink tea is when I'm not feeling well. However, these tea bombs are pretty enough for me to give them a try. Just look at this beautiful pour!

People are so creative! What will they think of next, Kool-Aid bombs? Wait.... I spoke too soon!

Well, whatever the next "bomb" trend will be, I'm sure TikTok will show us how to make them!

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