Cake. Most of us love it. Whether it's baking, decorating or eating cake, it's a symbol of bringing people together. You don't care if it's a birthday, or a work function, or heck. Someone was in the mood for it. Whenever you see cake, it's special. But living in El Paso/Juarez/Las Cruces... we're familiar with the tradition of mordida.

Chocolate cake with a slice being taken.

What IS a cake mordida?

While we don't know what WHEN the tradition got started, most Mexican & Hispanic families know what it is. For those who DON'T know what it is, here's a video explaining what it is.

So yes. It's the tradition of smashing one's face into a cake. And if you go online, you'll see MANY people posting videos of mordidas and people's reactions.

It's all fun and games until...

I'm here to tell you that... perhaps it's time to stop. One reason... think of all the cakes that are killed and destroyed by mordidas. Every day; people spend countless hours of time goes into making a cake, decorating it, getting it JUSSSTTTT right...only for it to be SMASHED and destroyed.

The only time I wanted to have my face smashed into a cake, is when I'm EATING it. And let's not forget... sometimes trying to smash someone's face into a cake... it can go wrong.

VERY wrong.

Now I've grown up with relatives from Panama & the United States & of course we've always loved having cake. But we've NEVER done a mordida. It was only considered a waste of good food, so I've never done it.

I understand it's a tradition, and for some, it's probably been in the family for generations. But if I'm going to destroy a cake, I prefer to it with a fork.

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