This young boy went viral after he had the brilliant idea of sparing himself from having cake face. This is the sort of brilliance that will make you question your brain activity if you're old enough to be his parent.

I have NEVER had my face smashed into a cake on my birthday.  But thanks to this kid, I can avoid it in the future if someone ever does try to give me cake face! This young boy sure is a genius and clearly knows his family all too well. Anyone can have a plate by their side but can they actually have the right timing to save their face like this boy? Now it is difficult to avoid mordida when you're surrounded by family and friends on your birthday. Now as to how this little boy did it is beyond me! Ariana Montoya shared her footage of this little dude and it blew up. Thank goodness for that, because we can all learn a lesson from this kid. If you celebrate your birthday with a bunch of people who keep the mordida tradition alive, be sure to take notes on this viral video! KVIA was impressed and shared this video during the news segment in May.

This little boy sure did surprise his own family and viewers with this trick he had up his sleeve on his birthday!