Everyone knows a baby's first birthday is very special and unique. Unfortunately, we can't go all out throwing a party to invite family and friends to at the moment. But if we look on the bright side, we can at least still celebrate within the household. It was a year ago today I was in the delivery room having a baby girl I now forever call my Izzy. Her firsts for holidays or events didn't quite go as planned due to the pandemic. For example, Izzy didn't get to experience our family Easter tradition that takes place at Memorial Park. She didn't get to experience the Easter egg hunt at the park with the extended family followed by breakfast after. But today is her first birthday and I need help deciding what to have her do with her cake. Right now I'm stuck between two options for what kind of Kodak moments I will capture of her today.

My first option is usually what I have seen a lot of parents do for their child's first birthday. Which is placing a beautifully decorated cake in front of her to go "Hulk smash" on with her teeny tiny hands. The other option I had in mind was to let her brother do mordida on her which he has been bugging me for a while now. If you're clueless about what mordida is, it's basically someone shoving your face in the cake. Clearly, my son won't be shoving her face the way he would his friends. But that is a big debate I am having about what to let her do with her birthday cake. Because I am so darn indecisive sometimes, this is where your opinion is needed. Help me decide how to let Izzy enjoy her cake for turning 1 year old in the poll below. The celebration will happen around 6 pm this evening and I will go with the final decision with the most votes.

Izzy Turned 1

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