A Walking Dead Spin off show is in the works. Too soon?

The Walking Dead has been an incredibly successful show for AMC.  The shows ratings, along with the sales figures for the books and the comic books as well as the number of people hitting the web sites and other social media sites will attest to that!

A while back, I mentioned AMC was planning a Walking Dead spin off show.  Now, I found more details on how that show may be set up.  It looks like the new show will be set in a world where the living outnumber the "living - challenged".  Sort of a prequel to The Walking Dead, showing us how everything went down in the early stages pf the outbreak.

This is what AMC bosses are saying will happen. I use the word "may" because they could change their mind 100 times between now and the proposed 2015 air date.

What do you think of this idea?