Have you seen the biggest shows in the Lone Star State and the Land of Enchantment?


We now know about Texas' love for "Blood of Zeus" and New Mexico's fascination with the dark comedy "Wednesday," thanks to Google Trends.

Google Trends is a valuable tool for tracking and analyzing what people are looking for using the Google search engine.

PerfectRec helps optimize online shopping by helping users find the perfect products faster and using Google Trends to help their customers. PerfectRec took the vast amount of data received by Google Trends and decided to figure out the most popular shows in different states.

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There was a clear winner in the Lone Star State as Texas embraced a mythical world with the animated series "Blood of Zeus."

The series tells stories from Greek mythology and is filled with ancient tales, heroic characters, and epic battles all for an adult audience. The show was released in 2020 under the name "Gods & Heroes," but the show was renewed for a second season under the title 'Blood of Zeus."

According to The Observer, the creators have outlined 5 seasons of the show but that's usually not Netflix's style. The streaming giant usually ends their original content shows after a measly two seasons. Fingers crossed they'll let this show continue for all the Texans enjoying this animated ancient history lesson.

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Tim Burton's smash hit "Wednesday," starring Jenna Ortega, reigned supreme in the Land of Enchantment.

New Mexicans had a spell cast over them watching the dark, humorous storytelling of this reimagined version of the iconic Adams Family. Specifically, the fan-favorite character Wednesday.

The show was number one on Netflix for weeks, but it's also to see why it was so popular in New Mexico. The series tapped into the family's Latino roots, even stating how the family has a year-round Dia de los Muertos altar in their living room.

Luckily for the New Mexican fans of this show, it has already been renewed for a second season.

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