The Walking Dead

NBC Wanted ‘The Walking Dead’
You may have heard an old anecdote around The Walking Dead, that initial network notes for the undead drama questioned whether the series needed zombies at all, but it seems AMC’s flagship hit was practically almost iZombie. Producer Gale Ann Hurd reveals that NBC wanted to tweak the premise into a police procedural solving zombie-related cases.
‘The Walking Dead’ Cliffhanger
And lo, The Walking Dead has come to yet another end, closing out Season 6 with at least someone’s “Last Day on Earth,” though it’s safe to say fan reactions to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s introduction as Negan proved … divisive. Now, showrunner Scott Gimple and creator Robert Kirkman open up on the big twist, possible backlash, and what it means for Season 7.
Walking Dead Stunner
‘The Walking Dead’ sets up a brutal Season 6 finale heading “East,” but did they really just throw another colossal fakeout to mess with fans? Who ran afoul of Saviors, and who took some scissors to the head? Find out in our full review of tonight’s penultimate Season 6 hour!
TWD Question of the Week
After last week's mid-season premiere I don't think any fan can expect the same level of drama or action from this week's episode. Check out this week's Walking Dead question.

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