The first season of a new Netflix series about car restorations is in the can.

The Netflix series Tex Mex Motors is about a couple of guys who restore classic automobiles here in El Paso for car lovers all over the place.

There aren't as many classic automobiles rolling around as you might think here in the states but there are tons in Mexico. Which is why Tex Mex Motors set up shop here in El Chuco.

Marcos "Scooter" Carrera and his partner in crime Rob "Rabbit" Pitts scour Mexico for classic cars, go through all the hoops 'n hurdles of getting them into the United States of America, then fix them up and sell them to buyers here.

Every car has a story and the finished products are amazing. These guys are good.

Scooter couldn't tell me much, for legal reasons as well as to not spoil the show for you, but he did tell me one of their cars was built for a famous rocker.

Rikky Rockett of Poison.

I never really thought about the availability of classic autos, I just assumed they were laying around all over the place.

Apparently not though, hence Scooter and Rabbit setting up shop as close to the border as they could get.

Their shop, as you can see in the trailer, is just across I-10 from the railroad yards, near downtown.

Tex Mex Motors premiers on Netflix June 9th.

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