It's true and, no ... I did not spell anything wrong in that headline.

The lone star state can claim a number of things as having been invented here. Some practical, some life changing, some world changing.

Some even had a big impact on entertainment, emphasis here on writing and music.

Some very cool things have come from Texas including practical items like calculators, 3-D printing and fake boobs. Yes, for some, fake boobs are very practical. For certain professions anyway.

We can also claim the hamburger, nachos and Dr. Pepper. Margaritas too ... the frozen ones anyway.

A lady typist in Texas came up with one product that was revolutionary in terms of writing.

Who Invented Liquid Paper?

From speech writers to secretaries to authors, poets and lyricists; this was was a game changer.  This was, of course, way before word, spellcheck, etc.

Bette Graham was working as a typist in Texas during the 1950s when she came up with one of the best inventions ever. Her Liquid Paper could erase mistakes with ease, and it quickly became a lucrative product. -

Bette Graham eventually became Bette Graham Nesmith and, with the assistance of Mr. Nesmith, gave birth to a genuine, "real life" monkee. She named him Michael and a couple of decades later, his name was being screamed, (mostly by adolescant girls), all over the world.

Who Was Michael Nesmith?

Michael Nesmith was a good 'ole Texas boy with a knack for playing the guitar. Fast forward, he went to a a casting call for a tv show that was kinda the first reality show. Don't roll your eyes at me, today's reality shows are pretty well scripted. (Spoiler alert, so is pro wrestling.)

Anyway, Michael was one of 4 dudes cast as what was meant to be America's answer to The Beatles, The Monkees. They weren't exactly top notch musicians, (except for Michael who really could play), just young, Beatle-looking dudes put into a fake band. The "PRE-fab four" if you will.

Shrek fans know this one.

Long story short, the tv show was a hit.

The band became enormous and each member eventually ... because they got outed for only singing, posing and basically faking ... learned to really play their instruments.

Whether you knew this or not, whether you're a fan of the band or not, whether you've ever used "liquid paper", or not ... now, you know new stuff.

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