Everyone has that favorite song they can't stop playing on repeat or that TV show they can't help watching over and over again whenever there's nothing new on Hulu and Netflix.

It's such a common experience, and it turns out there's a scientific term for this! The "mere exposure effect" is where you like something even more just because you've already seen it.

That's why many people find themselves watching reruns of the same episodes of 'The Office' and 'Parks and Rec,' even though they've seen them already, a thousand times.

Those are our "comfort shows," and we asked the Buzz Adams Morning Show cast what their favorite "comfort shows" are. Here are some of their surprising answers:

Lisa said hers was Once Upon A Time, she has to watch it almost once a month, but specifically at a certain point. "I only watch in the middle of season 2 starting with the episode where Regina finds Robin Hood and the Evil Queen comes out. That's my go-to starting spot and then I can watch the rest over and over again."

Joanna ended up describing her favorite episode of the Golden Girls while thinking about the question, "I love that Golden Girls episode where Sophia has a new boyfriend who's a magician. And while the girls are fighting with themselves, Dorothy gives him her keys, and he ends up bending them all. Sophia says, 'Don't just stand there ladies, give the man a hand.' What was the question again?"

Buzz said he doesn't have a show that he likes to watch, "Can it be a movie? I really love Shakespeare In Love. Why? It just makes me happy. I think it's one of the most perfect movies, perfect script, and always seems to put a smile on my face."

Nico says that his show is unoriginal to say out loud, "I'm like every other loser who watches The Office over and over again, except mine is more of a yearly ritual where I'll binge all 8 seasons. Call me a creature of habit."

Whether it's the "mere exposure effect" or if it's just people's nostalgia for things, everyone seems to have their comfort shows just like the millions of other re-run enthusiasts!

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