If you have ever wondered or tried to analyze her texts, this will save you the trouble! I never understood as to why my friends would still try to make conversation after I reply with some of the ten above.

The Talko will help put your over analyzing to rest when you see what her texts specifically mean. I am guilty for using the smiley face icon in hope the other person will leave it at that. It's a HUGE difference how women reply to someone she's into and just not that into. When I am into someone I will make sure to go in depth while texting or try to keep the conversation going. As for someone I am not into will receive a short text to where they have no way to respond back. There's also some texts that will help show you she's digging you just as much as you are digger her.

I must admit that most of these texts explained have some ugly and pretty truth behind her replies!


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